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Thursday, February 10, 2011

LA Noire

"Oh, the shark has,
pretty teeth, dear,
And it shows them - pearly white.
Just a jackknife
Has MacHeath, babe,
And he keeps it - way out of sight.

When that shark bites,
With his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows - begin to spread
Fancy gloves, wears,
Old MacHeath, babe
So there's never - never a trace of red."

I was not alive in 1947. I tried to be, but it didn't work out. I was born on September 7th, 1992.

When it comes to film, I love the old ones. The old American ones. European film is lovely, but my heart is with the American Dream. Not because I adore their values or think they had better directors and actors. Their ideals were outdated from the start and their directors and actors were pioneers, not masters (although a few were damn close)
What I love is the sound of the accents that are fading from existance. The Guido Tycoon, the 2nd Generation Irish Imigrant, the Traditional Jewish Parent. They're all just becoming 'American'. I also love how they pumped the American Dream into everything ... it almost seemed like they satired themselves. A nation of used car salesmen. Charismatic, proud and morally superior. 'Nuclear Family', 'Girl Next Door', 'Till Death Do We Part', 'Honey! I'm home!' ... 'In God We Trust'.
That's why I want to go to America. American TV raised me and I want to show it how good a student I am. I want to talk like an American in Cafes and see if they pick up. I want a MEDIUM McDonalds meal ... although I doubt I'll finish. I want to 'hail' a 'cab'. I want to fill the car with 'gas'. I want to shout "Hey, I'm walkin' 'ere!" while crossing a New York street.
Considering what I've said so far ... the next picture might confuse you.

The picture above is a camera rig that is built in Bondi. Right here in good old Australia. It's being used in the biggest industry on the planet. Remember what that industry is? Cement? Steel? Music? Film? ... nope. Video Games.
Yeah, this is 'one of those' Blogs. Still, it's sprinkled with national pride and personal meaning. Why do I always feel like I need to explain myself to you, Mr. Blog. Do your job and just trust me.
It's being employed from a game titled LA Noire. Heres a picture of what it can do;

Maybe you don't find this kind of facial mapping as amazing as I do ... but until you seen a CG man twitch, and look to the side in a manner that hints that he is lying without the motion being obvious ... well, you can't judge my interests. The subtlety of these actors faces are perfectly implemented and used as a game mechanic. I try to convince people that games are just films but three dimensional and completely explorable, and many people don't listen. Some games use a gameplay element online multiplayer. That never interested me hugely. This game allows you to literally read the faces of actors, playing the roles of characters and step into the shoes of a Detective. Follow leads, explore the city, question witnesses, search for evidence and solve crimes. Trust me, it's better than watching someone else do. We're entering a new chapter of human entertainment ... and I'm excited that Australia, Bondi, is heading the movement.
Here's too the American Dream!


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