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Monday, September 6, 2010

Agtien jaar in net 'n regmerkie

"Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear myself
Happy Birthday to me"

This is a photo of a Lithgow Spring. Haunted weather. Ghost weather. Ooga Booga Boo... and such. Tomorrow, it is my Birthday. What do I ask of Mother Nature? I think my ideal day would be a little like this;
Similar skies to the ones you see in my picture. Black clouds and a trace of sunlight swirling about in amongst the ebonic sky. Trees become silhouettes - skeletal remains of Nature. With Spring, however, buds and new flowers sway in the warm, humid wind... surely confused by the liar's display of temperate shade and eerie winds. Still, a showcase of absurdity and a step away from the norm. An unusually warm day, betraying its darkness. Unusually relaxing, despite the heavy wind. Most importantly - no rain. I don't want rain... but if there is rain, make it pour. I want to wake to silence and stroll the house before my Dad awakes and after the celebratory shouts and tales I'm sure he'll tell - "You were a baby you know. Yep. Good job not dying! You could fit in one of my hands. I had to hold you tight so the wind wouldn't carry you away. I had you when no one else would. No one." - then I'll walk to school. Listening to this song;

I like that song.
Anyway. I have little else to say. I hope I get myself a grey day. Here's another of my photographs. I <3>



  1. You told me about Lithgow Spring weather. now I fully understand what you meant.

  2. P.S. Your ideal day would also involve an email from me, which you are going to get.

  3. Of course! Your e-mails are sweet!!