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I'm Ryan, and I don't particularly understand the importance of a Blog... but I'll Blog away anyway. Positively, it gives me a wall to talk to. I like having formation and fluency in my day. 'About Me'?... just read the Blog.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(He)man with a plan.

Ryan had reached enlightenment and occasionally, especially when focusing too hard, found he could see through walls as if they were made of pink cellophane. It felt like finishing a box of mints and finding, in the bottom of the box, a second box of mints. Needless to say, the second would also be full. Ryan knew how he would die. He also knew how he would live. Of course, such things are not for the public domain and are kept in a tin lunchbox along with his Star Wars toys (Chewbacca and Han, along with an Ewok & Boba Fett), German Dictionary and various Zombie related memorabilia from movies made in, around and after the 1980's. He(man) was finally at peace. "I have the power!"

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