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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Diane. It's 5:35, 14th of November, 2010 ... and lemme tell you ...

"Now, I'd like two eggs.
Over hard.
I know, don't tell me; 'it's hard on the arteries', but old habits die hard.
Just about as hard as I want those eggs.
Almost burned.
That's great.
And, I'll have the grapefruit juice, just as long as those grapefruits.
Are freshly squeezed."

Not lyrics, no. Better. History. Good history.
This Blog is about ... lets say;

Nooooooooooow, Schoolies is often painted as the drunken tool-fest that it usually is. Luckily, I'm not friends with many tools. There are a few. For schoolies, we're not going to the Gold Coast.
We're going else where. A girl has a holiday house which seems to have become the

equivalent of Las Vegas for us young people. Nine friends and I are renting a party shack for the week, near the girl's house, so that we can party all day and ... party all night. I'm not looking to prove anything to girlies, I'm not looking to "down more booze" than any one else. I'm looking to
enjoy the beach (which has been impossible most of life - due to the distance AND translucent s
kin of mine). So; cooking, barbequeing, drinking, musicing, beaching, Indian Head-dressing (wait for it).

Due to schoolies, I have very little money to spend. I have money on me which I can't spend because I'll need it for schoolies. I've never needed to save in such a way. I often think "Fake moustaches - sold!". Then, as I reach for my wallet I kick myself in the brain with my brain-foot. Money is hell. What is our dollar even backed by? Is it just a symbolic piece of paper of is it actually backed by vaults of gold or possession of water like it was back in the day.
The way old day. Waaaaaaaaaay old. Older.
People should trade in skill and talent;
Dance for food, cook for clothes, knit for massages, massage for a dance, etc.
Thats how it should be.

Hair. Today Caitlin dropped in (to Mudgee) to see me and gave me a mug covered with moustaches of varying stature, style and 'stachiousity. On the bottom, a directory of which moustache belongs to which famous moustached man. From Poe to Ghandi. I call it the Mugstache. It makes my every drink taste manly. Also, my hair is different.
That's all.


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