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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[Title missing]

"Something always
Takes the place of
Missing pieces you can take
And put together
Even though you know there's something missing
Something always missing
Always someone missing something"

Rain, rain - I love rain. I love that I turn up 40 minutes late to History and Mr. Gasparre accepts my excuse "I was lost and have wet socks". I love walking through these streets, kicking puddles up onto my jeans and seeing other people scramble with their umbrellas. Most of all, I love it how in the rain, it looks like everyone is crying and so very tired. My shoes both have holes in them now (which is what happens when you walk so damn much) and the water fills them so I get this wonderful squelching noise on certain surfaces. I love seeing Dad looking at me as to say "Why must you be so difficult" when I walk in the door and sing "Me feets are wet!!"
Infact, in the rain, there is very little that I don't love. I love you.

I found a script I was writting earlier this year, back when I aimed to direct the 'Worst Film Ever'. It sounds pretty bad, here's the opening;
- - - - -

[Wide shot of green field. Sun high in the autumn sky. Slow motion shot as the aged leaves fall to the ground. No sound but that of a child’s laughter. Transitional fade to a shot of young Chippy, the protagonist of the film played by Nicholas Cage, as he plays in the long grass. The scene is narrated by an adult Chippy and his therapist ‘Doc’, played by Christopher lloyd overlaying the images of the young Chippy playing.]

Chippy (Narrating) :

It all started when I was a boy, Doc.

‘Doc’ (Narrating) :

Go on.

Chippy :

I was eleven, playing on my family home’s property. My pet horse was missing. So were my one thousand pet spiders. The old abandoned mine was glowing. It was a simple childhood day… and that’s where my troubles really began…

[Shot of farmhouse and Chippy’s terrified mother screaming as she runs onto the porch.]

Mother :

Chippy! Horse have attacked all of the worlds capital cities aided by spiders! Take your cyanide pill! Now!!

[A large horse like shadow falls over Chippy as he pulls a small emergency suicide pill from his little orange overalls. Chippy slowly turns, shaking, and drops the pill back into his little pocket as he is faced by a horse of decent size. The horse is covered in spiders and screams as it scuttles closer like a crab. Chippy fumbles for his pill but is too slow and is harassed by the horse. It pushes him down and picks him up by the scruff of his neck and runs towards the glowing mine]

Mother :

No! Chippy! Your psychic drawings where right all this time! How could I have been so foolish.

- - - - -

My life long dream has been to own a cinema or atleast work in one at some stage in life. It's the only career that seems... good. I'd mop the floor if it meant I could hear the films throught the door occasionally. I love cinema and I love film. One day I will achieve this - not the mopping - I want to own a cinema more than almost anything. Until then, I'll write silly little scripts and watch my favourite movies over and over again. Here's to the future.



  1. Such an amazing mind. Such soaking constant rain. So beautiful. Ahh I love your thoughts, and hence blog, sooooooo very much! Also, I can't wait for the day you open a cinema. I'll be there for the opening and a few movie's :)

  2. haha, i remember that movie. Where's Hagrid?
    Did you write more?