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Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I'm calling now... oh, the suspense."

"Call when you want
But there's no one home
And you're not gunna reach my telephone
'Cause I'm out in the club
And I'm sippin' that bubb
And you're not gunna reach my telephone"

... but after half an hour she did reach my telephone. She being Cate. Of course, I didn't hear a lot from her other than "hello?", before I said hello and offered the phone to Caitlin. The importance here being the two of them have been friends for over 8 years and had never heard each other's voices. Until Friday night. Cate and I planned it out, under the guise "operation 0062". Here is a photo of Caitlin as she realised who she was talking to;

She was a little teary (extremely) and her face was a little flushed (extremely) and she was very, very happy. I loved how she said on the phone, before registering it was Cate, "Whose this? - Cate? Cate who? - Cate from where? - Wait... OH MY GOD!!" before running into my room. Yeah, you can see my pajama pants and messy bed. Here's another snap;

Here, she's a bit more calm and from this point, she spoke with Caitlin for more than an hour on so many seemingly random subjects from weddings to lemon spread on toast. I sat next to Caitlin for the majority of the time she was on the phone, listening to her conversation with the inaudiable friend on the other side - I was drinking juice and taking millions of photographs and laughing at her reaction, especially the way she stopped and said "I can't believe I'm talking to you!" almost every 5 minutes. Occasionally, I'd hear Cate laugh or speak louder than normal and her voice crackled out just loud enough for me to hear and Caitlin would just sit their smiling, staring at the roof. It was pretty amazing, I'm pretty happy I saw it AND that I was in on it. The planning, the half an hour of hunting for International call codes for a "Germany to Australia" call. By the way Cate, your English was so much better than you made it out to be, I was honestly expecting to hear "Hallo? Ich liebe vatermelon"... I don't know what watermelon is in German... I also don't know why you'd say that, but... uh... you speak better english than most people I know. Your voice also reminded me of someone I know, but I can't think of who... anyway. It was awesome. Next time we'll organise for you to mail yourself to my house and then you can jump out at Caitlin and scream "Phones are so impersonal!" I bet I've forgotten to mention something (and this is starting to sound like an e-mail) but this'll do.



  1. You two are amazing. I love you so much and yes I know this is so impersonal, not as good as the phone or real life but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D thankyou so much for making my night/day/week/8 years! I can't believe you planned this! Cate I know you'll read this eventually, maybe, I love you for spending half an hour fighting with codes! So magical to hear your voice! And Ryan, if not for you it wouldn't have been a surprise, and this was such a wonderful surprise. And I was sitting right near you as you organised it! I love you so much! Both of you!

  2. YAYYYYYY thank you for doing a post about this!!!!! It was really awesome, talking to Caitlin {and you^^} Hahahaha, Watermelon is Wassermelone in German. Good that you think my English isn't that bad. I didn't say much to you besides "Hey Ryan... Yes!" but good that it didn't sound to German or Czech ^^ We have to talk again sometime, the three of us. Next time you can put me on speakerphone. It was also, I thought I wouldn't undestrand a word what you'll say because of the English, but it was really good. I understood everything. Hey your birthday is coming up, maybe I can call you on your birthday? From now on I'll always call you and Caitlin for your birthdays! And for your parents' birthdays!
    *Great that you used a Gaga song :) :)
    *I don't mind that it's starting to sound like an email. In fact I'm writign a reply to you now, but now I have to go take my theory test for the driving license, so again you'll get the email soon. Today or tomorrow. Wish me luck for the test!
    Bye, agent 0061.

  3. Loooooove!!
    Birthday calls sound good and would be muchly appreciated. I actually thought after writing this blog "Water is wasser!" One of the only German words I know!!
    Anyway, take your time with the reply and 1000 good lucks.
    Adios, other agent 0061.

  4. Now the reply is sent, and I'm again scared that it was depressing, even though I didn't really write depressing things... Well, I'm a freak ^^
    And thanks for wishing me good luck, I actually passed the test. ^^