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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've spray painted my Crystal Ball jet-black

"Carbon monoxide
Soon I'll go to sleep
If I don't got my socks on right
They slide right off off my feet

Carbon monoxide
As I take you home
The first time I get my socks on right
But I don't have a gas mask on
As I walk-a, walk-a, walk-a, walk-a, walk-a, walk-a,
walk-a, walk-a, walk-a, walk-a, walk-a
Walk you home

I'm so cool

Today I cleaned. I left the study room looking quite spiffy, or atleast less blandly uniformed while retaining some structural beauty. On the note, I do need to note thanks to Dane and David for helping me. The worst part, my camera had NO battery and I have no new pictures for this post... so, I'll put my picture of I took of a rose up... or maybe some magnets. I personally find magnets very beautiful. As I kid I could never find out why the loved each other so much, why opposites attract and how they seem so perfect together, side by side. Invisible forces! I used to consider gravity as a thing that leaves things looking damp. Everything drapes down under it's 'weight' and... why am I talking about gravity? Magnets. Magnets are beautiful and represent a connection people are not capable of by attempt to replicate through out life. People are little organic magnets, very weak ones at that. I personally think I model my life after a puddle. Singular, rather bland by myself but reflective in a subtle, murky way. I want to carry the neon and streetlights and hopefully have someone pay attention rather than expect to have a natural attration. An invisible force. I'm not just an entity, I'm an anomoly.
I guess with all this babble, I better use the magnet picture...

Yes, that is some N to N. That is not natural, this was a forced arrangement. Regardless, poetic.


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